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Michelle Classen
Staff and Board Member

Michelle grew up in Delaware and graduated from the University of Delaware in Education, and then while teaching at a local public school she attained her master’s degree. After teaching for a few years, she and her partner ventured overseas to teach and experience life outside of the US. It was an amazing decision, and she continued to observe and participate with children from all over the world in their learning experiences.


She taught elementary – middle school students and then took a principal position at an international school. She was excited to push for the change she felt was needed in schools but continued to see how concerning traditional school was. There was a huge disconnect in what students should be learning and experiencing in their 12+ years of school, and how their motivation and love of learning slowly diminished. Then finishing school and were not prepared for adult life, which isn't that the whole point? She wrestled with this for many years and explored non-traditional education options that existed and were thriving. She began implementing some of these components in her classes and the feedback from her students was so eye-opening. It was a difficult decision, but Michelle left her job feeling hopeful again, and her family returned home to pursue non-traditional schooling here in Delaware.

Michelle is passionate about children, of all backgrounds and ages, finding their passions, and loving the process of learning – this should be a right, not a privilege! She believes that coercion and a top-down teaching approach is not the answer. Her experience teaching children and adults for over 14 years combined with her role as a mother has shown her how holistic this way of education is. Michelle believes fully in this model and wants more families to experience the richness that's to be had in this model! 

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