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WSS's Wish List

WSS is constantly looking to improve our space and expand the tools and materials we have for our students.  Below is a wishlist of items we are seeking. If you can help us acquire any of these items, please send an email to:

We also value reducing, reusing, and recycling, so acquiring used items from our community instead of always buying new items is preferred! 

Recurring Needs: 

  • newspaper

  • any recyclable items

  • pens/pencils (used is fine)

  • Expo Markers

Current Needs: 

  • New or used Android Phones/Tablets for

  • Acrylic and other types of paints

  • Wireless Microphone

  • Speakers to hook up to a computer

  • Games: Life, Checkers, Chess, other...

  • Cordless Vacuum (s)

  • Broom and dustpan

  • Puzzles: Blokus, Cat Stax, Hay Stax, other...

  • Microscope

  • hot glue sticks

  • sturdy shoe rack (3-5 tiers)

  • balance beam

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