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WSS is currently enrolling students for the upcoming school year!


WSS is open to students, ages 5 – 18, who can be responsible, safe, and respectful while experiencing freedom in their educational program. All students must be able to follow the rules voted on at School Meeting.

WSS is currently enrolling students between the ages of 5-14 years old as time is needed in this environment before completing the diploma process. 

Visiting Week

During the school year,  once the initial interview has taken place, your child/teen may begin a five-day Visiting Week. This is a chance for them to experience the school and for WSS to get to know them. At the end of the Visiting Week, the admissions committee will decide if they can enroll. 

There is a $300 fee for each visiting week. 

Contact Us

Please email the school to schedule an admissions interview for your child or teenager. Application forms are emailed upon request after the admissions interview.  If the family decides to enroll their child(s),  there is a $50 application fee per child that can be paid in person or online.


WSS wishes that all families that desire this type of education will be able to afford it. WSS has two options for tuition for your child(s):


1. APPLY TO FACTS: Your tuition will be set based on your family’s income and expenses, determined through a financial application process administered by FACTS. You will be required to submit income verification during this process.


2. For those families that choose to not complete the FACTS application, full tuition for the 2021-2022 school year is $10,500 for the first child, and then $8,500 and $6,500 for 2nd and 3rd siblings respectively.  

Please contact us for more information!


Part-time tuition (half-days) is available for 4-5-year-olds after a trial week. 

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