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Rebekah Rodriquez
Board Member

Rebekah was born in Madison, WI and moved to Wilmington, DE in 2017. She is currently serving as the board’s Treasurer.

Rebekah attended public school from K-10th grade, then made the choice to unschool for the final two years of high school. Free from a traditional school schedule, she finally had the opportunity to pursue life actively: traveling across the Midwest and East Coast, engaging in local music scenes, labor union organizing, doing anti-war work, and participating in a long list of social justice organizations. By studying widely, Rebekah also cultivated deep passions in world history, botany, and literature that had been impossible to tend within the walls of a classroom.

Rebekah is a wage worker and mother of four children. She strives to unlearn domination in all her relationships, bit by bit, and chooses the revolutionary potential of motherhood.

In her free time, you might catch Rebekah studying plants in the woods, or behind a big stack of books at the local library.

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